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The power of generosity (and scones)

It’s been a crazy few months – and year! With so many COVID-19 induced changes in the media and the economy, we’ve all had to take a serious look as to how we do business and if there is a better way. Businesses have been hurting.

For some people – many of them my former colleagues – these changes have been devastating, with publications closing, some going on hiatus and a never-ending stream of redundancies. I have seen so many really good people find themselves without a job.

I am (a little selfishly) relieved that my career has taken new directions since leaving a full-time magazine role almost four years ago. It’s not a great time to be in the media industry. While I am still freelancing for some magazines, particularly in the home niche, I have moved into so many new and exciting opportunities in the content and copywriting space. I have enjoyed these new challenges and met so many talented people – marketers, photographers, entrepreneurs. It’s been inspiring.

However, media and marketing has given me so much over the years, that I thought it was only fitting that I try and give back just a little – helping those people losing their job and trying to reinvent themselves, just like I did four years ago. This is why I have had so many of my former colleagues over for a cuppa, a chat and some scones (socially distanced, of course). Because who doesn’t love scones?

As we’ve chatted, I’ve shared a little bit about what I have learned while working for myself – how to set up your finances, find an online community such as Rachel’s List, or great online tools (such as Canva, Dropbox, Toggl and Calendly). I’m always happy to share my knowledge, but above all, what I am providing is reassurance. There is such a demand for good content at the moment and I know that my former colleagues will find their way to new jobs and opportunities. Good people will always find a place.

I still have plenty of work coming in, but please do contact me if you need help with your content marketing, copywriting, or even to come over for a chat (and some scones). I’ve got them down to a fine art now!


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