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The power of the podcast

The power of the podcast

Content is a wonderful thing. It comes in all forms – written, verbal and visual. You can read it, listen to it, or watch it. So often we think of content as being online, such as in blogs or website copy that we forget that people absorb information in many different ways.

This is why that when you develop a content strategy it’s important to cover all mediums, which is why I want to talk about the rise of podcasts.

It has been said that Australians are the fourth largest consumers of podcasts in the world, and media companies are launching new networks every day. Some of the most successful podcasts are hosted by the ABC and SBS – who use existing radio recordings to give interviews and shows a second life.

I am seeing podcasts as one of the key mediums of the future. Ideal for those pitching a niche product (check out the iTunes podcast App – there’s a podcast for everything), they offer great information. And it’s so personal! Listeners really feel as if a friend is chatting to them when they put on some earphones and listen to a podcast on the way to work.

Way back in 2014, Apple announced it had 1 billion podcast subscribers – and the numbers are growing fast.

There are some great podcasts around on content and content marketing, including The Write Podcast and Content Inc with Joe Pulizzi, but I think we need more Australian voices on the airwaves.

So I’m not just going to listen from the sidelines – from next month I am launching my own podcast, ContentPod, with the fabulous Rachel Smith of Rachel’s List where we will talk about developing content and how to run your own freelance content business. We will include local experts as regular guests and tackle all the tricky questions – plus give our listeners clever tips to create clickable, sharable content.

Watch this space.

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