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The power of the network

It is a cliché, but it's true – it's not really what you know, but who. Over my time working in media (and the last three years running my own content business), I have built up an impressive contact book. I have worked with some amazingly talented people over the years and it is always a joy and privilege to collaborate on projects with my creative cohort. These are people who deliver great work – on time and on budget.

I have been told many times that I am a great networker and I have to say it's never been difficult for me. I love meeting new people and getting to know their strengths. There is so much talent out there! Whenever I collaborate with someone new I feel richer for the experience. And I believe that when you join forces with another person, your combined knowledge adds up to so much more than your individual offerings.

Indeed, I continue to grow as a writer and content creator every time I collaborate. Sometimes the learning includes a new digital platform, sometimes it's about hearing an inspiring story, and sometimes it's learning about something as basic as a new ingredient or cooking method.

Working with the inspiring, talented and very organised Rachel Smith for our podcast, The Content Byte, has allowed me to venture into the wide world of audio. Podcasts are the buzzword of the moment and it just seemed the right time to explore the medium. And haven't I learnt a lot! Between planning the episodes, researching topics and recording sessions, I have enjoyed the process so much. Our podcast audience continues to grow and I have been asked to be a guest on other podcasts, so I guess it has been a success on many levels. I couldn't have done it without Rachel, who has a healthy following through her business Rachel's List as well years of freelancing in her own right. Hopefully she feels the same way, connecting with my audience to grow her own.

I am always happy to share my contact list with my clients. If you need a great photographer, retoucher, social media expert, stylist or designer, I can help connect you to the best in the business. This is not one of my paid services, just a way of saying thanks for your business – and sharing the work of good people.

Lynne Testoni

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